Die Bili Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5c/d und Peter Pan

In den letzten Schultagen wurde in der Bili Gruppe 5c/d die Geschichte von Peter Pan gelesen, was die Schülerinnen und Schüler zu tollen Bildern animiert hat. Hier kommen der Text, der die Geschichte zusammenfasst, und die Bilder!

(C. Heinz)

Last month we read 'Peter Pan' in our English class. 'Peter Pan' is a very exciting book. The story is about the Darling family, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. Peter Pan is a boy who never wants to grow up. He brings the three Darling children to Neverland where they experience many adventures.
In the pictures you can see Neverland with the lost boys, the beasts, Captain Hook and Smee, the Indians, the pirate ship with the crocodile and Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Darling children themselves.
In Neverland there are the big mountains. Around the island there is the sea. There is also a beautiful lagoon on the island and next to it there are the woods.
The Indians and their princess, Tiger Lily, live in the Indian camp on the left side of Neverland. The evil pirates and their Captain, Captain Hook, are on their ship most of the time. Peter Pan and the lost boys live in the woods.